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Almost fifty years ago when I feel the world we lived in was so much nicer, as 'Des & Dave' I released my first Christmas song with EMI.

I came from a poor family and to help pay for some Christmas goodies, as a young boy, I would go out into the cold darkness of a winter's night, singing Christmas Carols at friendly, warmly lit houses. Sometimes I only got a few pennies, sometime I would be really lucky and get a bright shiny sixpence and maybe a rare sweet or two, but one thing I always got was happy, smiling people.

On one occasion I entered the grounds of a large mansion. Nervously I stood old and frightened outside the mansion's great oak doors and started to sing. After a while the great doors opened and their stood a man in funny clothes. (I'd never seen a Butler before) He took me inside the great house to a large, warmly lit lounge where sat men and women in wonderful clothes, drinking and eating in front of a large, open log fire. They asked me to sing 'Silent Night' for them, so all alone, I sang with all my heart and when I finished, they all stood up and applauded.

They then filled a large bag full of Christmas goodies the like of which I'd never seen before; sherry, wine, pies, sweets and a great big 5 note. I could hardly believe it and as I ran home, the Christmas star shone even brighter. What wonderful memories and what a wonderful Christmas we had. That's why I've written and recorded this Christmas song for you. Merry Christmas?

Producer: Nick tribe
Backing vocals: Charlotte Grimes
Cover art: Kevin Walsh