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I can say in all honesty that I never thought I'd see the day when I wrote my autobiography, as I never considered my life story to be of sufficient interest, but after a great deal of persuasion, here it is.

When I started writing it I realised just how much there was to write about including; Growing up during WW2, becoming a pop singer with EMI Records, co staring in that wonderful TV series "Candid Camera" before changing course to become a theatrical agent and manager, looking after some of the world's biggest show business stars... So many, many stories, so much to tell you about, but perhaps the most wonderful and funniest stories of all are the ones about my days at sea!
Unbelievable! And there's so much more...

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What our customers said

This book is unbelievably hilarious! But at the same time it's often serious, very moving, and has a very big heart. Thankfully, unlike so many autobiographies, it isn't at all superficial, but it is so enjoyably entertaining. I am a big reader but this is one of the best books I've ever read and I couldn't put it down. Sadly, now I've read it, so please hurry with the next volume!
Mika Fox, Jerusalem

This book is so funny, grippingly emotional and just great entertainment. In short, it has to be one of the best books I've ever read
Rob Campbell

'Jumping for Balloons' is 'laugh-out-loud' hilarious at times, but also occasionally quite poignant and thoughtful. Des' writing style is unique, but the book is a very easy read as he hopscotches through the first three decades of his tumultuous, often challenging life. Aside from being a gifted singer, actor, impersonator, and comedian, Des is a wonderful story teller. If you have a soul and a sense of humour, don't miss 'Jumping for Balloons'!

My wife, Linda, kept asking me what I was reading that made me laugh so much, for on average I read between 40-50 books a year and have never read anything like this before, but a word of warning... be prepared to ache with laughter.

Had I never met him I would be hard pressed to believe the fantastic tales he weaves, but I can honestly say that he is the most outrageously funny person Iíve ever met and I can easily accept the veracity of his outlandish escapades.

I hope Volume Two of his escapades will be published while I am still of sound mind.
Stan Solomon, Canada

With so many mixed emotions I couldn't rest until the entire book was covered from Childhood to Chelsea 69. I laughed with tears of glee and sadness all at the same time and will read it again, the fact being the entertainment was fabulous.
Vanessa Pendray

This must be the only book in the world that starts at chapter 2 - there is no chapter 1 because Des, the author, claims he was struck with writer's block at the time and to get rid of it, decided to start at chapter 2 instead. Anyway, it certainly worked because I nearly fell out of my chair laughing just reading that chapter alone.

As for the rest of the book, that was both hilarious and poignant and what a roller coaster of a life Des the author has had; so many twists and turns that you just couldn't make it up. It was a delight to read from start to end and with the promise of more to come, all I can say is, I can't wait to read more!
Bob Morgan

I've read a lot of books during my life but this one is not only so different, it was an absolute delight to read. I loved the many, many stories about Des's life, stories that made me laugh out loud, and others that I have to admit brought deep thought and even at times a tear to the eye. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed it and really look forward to the next volume, but if that's a long time coming then I can always read this one again.

David Glendenning

I really enjoyed reading "Jumping for Balloons" but readers who don't know Des may find some of the stories difficult to believe, but those of us who were unlucky enough to have sailed with him do know, and can vouch for his actions.

The book triggered my own memories and the things we used to do all those years ago. You'd never get away with it now; playing Cowboys and Indians using real airguns, but what I enjoyed most of all is the humour. So let me conclude by saying that if your have a sense of humour you will love this book. Personally, I can't wait for Des to write the follow-up, which I'm told will be 95% about his life at sea and one of the funniest books ever written.

Spike Wright