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Those were the words Winston Churchill used to describe The WW2 Arctic Convoys to Russia; a wartime story that has been somewhat neglected in being told. Now at last we can bring you that story in a truly special way.

This TV documentary has taken two and half years to make, but the end result is a ground-breaking, powerful programme that, with the help of the Russian, Norwegian and British governments, the Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and the Russian and Norwegian Armed forces, brings alive in a way never seen before, the true horror of those notorious convoys.

As some of the surviving Arctic Convoy veterans said after watching a preview of this programme. "We've watched every programme ever made about the WW2 convoys, but this is the first time we seen a programme that actually makes you feel that your back there, right in the middle of it all again.

It will probably be at least a year before this programme is shown on television, and because so many of you (Our Snowbow/Maritime Memories friends have done so much to help us in the making of it, we have decided to make available for you alone, a limited number of DVDs, so you can see it now, instead of having to wait for its general release.

We hope this is a programme that you will really enjoy.

Customer Reviews

Well done for producing "The Worst Journey in the World". You deserve the thanks of the entire nation for recalling the incredible heroism of these men.

Peter Oborne. Journalist and TV Presenter.

I had the opportunity to watch your magnificent DVD The Worst Journey in the World along with fellow members of the Tyne Area Shipping Club recently. I congratulate you and the team in producing such a remarkable film. It really does highlight the extreme courage of all the gallant seafarers who took part - many sadly not to return home.

Keith Atkinson Chairman Tyne Area Shipping Club

Your documentary rightfully highlights, the sailors of the Arctic Convoys endured freezing and immensely dangerous conditions to keep the supply lines with Russia open during WW11 It is an absolute outrage that, despite their terrifying ordeal, it remains the one major sea campaign of the Second World War not to have been honoured with a specific medal.

I will endeavour to bring this documentary to the attention of as many people as possible. As you rightfully note, people are hugely supportive of the Arctic Convoy veterans, and I very much believe that the public would fully support the granting of a medal if they were more award of the history of the Arctic Convoys.

Thank you for this unique contribution to the campaign for a medal for the Arctic Convoy veterans.

Caroline Dinenage MP

Your documentary with the above title, quoted by Sir Winston Churchill, I found of immense historical importance. The research, searching through the archives and editing, must have all contributed to the taking of three years to produce such a high quality DVD.

The convoys to Murmansk, carrying supplies and equipment for the Russian Army contending with constant attacks by German submarines and bomber planes plus horrendous weather conditions, with temperatures well below zero, is all vividly portrayed.

A particularly pleasing portion was the Ceremonial Welcome by the Russian navy and the warm friendliness of the people of Murmansk, expressing their gratitude for the Arctic Convoys, in supplying vital supplies to the Russian people and equipment for their army in World War 2.

The Church service on board the "Discovery" and the throwing of wreathes and poppies into the sea, was also very emotional and impressive.

I wish to congratulate Snowbow on producing such an immensely moving documentary.

R S Colvin, Arctic Convoy Veteran, South Africa

I received the movie yesterday and watched it last night! SUPERB! RIVETING! My wife would occasionally say something to me during the movie, and I did not reply, as I was totally focused. Very well done and congratulations.

Robert Bailey A.S.A.A. Canada

Although like many, I considered myself fortunate to have been too young for the conflict and only know about it from what I've read, I was moved by the poignant memories it provoked, especially by those survivors among the group. Obviously a tremendous amount of work was put in searching for film footage for this epic and when seeing the northward track followed, I couldn't help but think about not only the lives of seamen lost, but the shocking waste of war which must have littered the seabed under Discovery's keel

I know it is natural to think only of the terribly sad loss of British lives, and that's what this production was all about, but there must have been German families too who mourned the loss of sons, husbands and fathers, many of whom no doubt reluctant participants, just doing as they were ordered when they set out with a strong chance of perishing in those icy seas with no hope rescue. This really is a truly excellent production.

Warwick Thompson, New Zealand

Your new documentary on the Arctic Convoys of WWII is magnificent both in content and production. I was spellbound as I watched. It truly brings home the horrors those seafarers suffered constantly of being attacked, sunk and consigned to the "cruel sea" in those icy waters.

Watching the emotions of those wonderful old veterans as they retraced their ancient voyages of so many years ago was very humbling. It is to be hoped that this documentary is widely aired to both young and old.

Peter F. Vickers NJ. USA

A most remarkable DVD,a worthy tribute and thankfully done before it is too late to honour those men who endured so much with so little recognition for their valour and sacrifice.

Doug Overman

I did not know about about the Arctic Convoys until I watched this DVD on the subject . As a young woman I neither learned about the Arctic Convoys at school, nor had heard of them since. It was through watching this footage, that I learned and understood the price those seafarers paid in their efforts to supply a beleaguered Russia. The conditions were horrendous and I can quite understand why Winston Churchill called those convoys... "The Worst Journey in the World". This DVD of the Arctic Convoys is truly informative and very educational. It taught me so much and now I have nothing but the highest regard for the seafarers who made these perilous journeys as part of the Arctic Convoys

Karen Huntley

My congratulations to you for a saga well told. "The Worst Journey in the World," truly imbues one with how tragic it really was. After the war the survivors I sailed with never said much at all, all I got from them was, "It was bloody cold and if you hit the water you only lasted seconds," or similar. The ceremony in Murmansk brought tears to my eyes. My respects for a great documentary presentation.

James Taylor

Thanks Des for the wonderful video of the Arctic convoys. We have just viewed it and it was so moving, so well done, and we were both delighted to see how well the veterans were received in Russia. We look forward to good coverage on TV. It deserves the best. You got the perfect balance between the courage of the men and the awful conditions and the real warmth of the people in Russia. I personally am glad this has at last been put into a video and hope many people view it and feel grateful to the men who gave their lives. We were glad we were able to view in private for it was a very moving video. So nice to see so many veterans, the ship and yourselves did them proud.

David and Audrey Morton

I have received your latest DVD on 'The worst Journey in the World' I must firstly applaud you for the concept of the Voyage, and secondly the expert way in which it was presented. In my opinion it is worthy of a great honorary prize and recognition. It was so moving it brought tears to my eyes. Was it ever screened on the BBC? if not it should have been given the publicity that it deserves..the Russian TV thought so.. well done, keep up the good work.

Helen and Phil Braithwaite

I love watching war films and anything to do with shipping, but this is the best programme I have ever seen. The photography is so good and the way the story of those WW2 Arctic Convoys is told, with the clever use of so much rare archive film, does us all proud.

As I reach to put it on again for the umpteenth time, all I can say is. "Thanks Des for letting this story be told for if you hadn't done it, then I doubt anyone else would have ever gone to so much trouble. It really is something very special".

Les Gibson. MN. RNVR

This is certainly a great piece of work and finally tells in great visual detail, the true horror of those notorious Arctic Convoys...Well done!

John Rivett, WW2 MTBs. Glen Line. Thames PLA

This really captures the spirit and dangers of the convoys to Russia and has brought back vividly to life those awful time in the 40's. We in the R.N. had a far easier time than those in the merchant navy, They were the real heroes.

John Bowden. Fleet Air Arm/Swordfish pilot on the Russian convoys.

This DVD is a MUST.
Bless those who had the foresight to compile & create it. This is part of our History. "If blood is the price of Admiralty, then God, we have paid in full"

The Worst Journey in the World ! Watch it, think and feel for those men who actually went out there & DID it,on behalf of us all. And may God Bless their Souls.

N.W.Lester Master Mariner F.G. (Ret'd.)