Port Line

Port LinePort Line could one boast of having the finest fleet of cargo passenger liners in the world, and we are so pleased that we have been able to find and restore rare film of so many of their handsome ships, going back to the early part of the last century, right through to the end of the line and their last ships, the beautiful Port Caroline and Port Chalmers.

Some of the footage we have managed to find and restore is truly amazing, and not only do we see these ships on film, we actually sail with them on voyages all around the world including on the MANZ run!

We are with them as they slip through blue tropical seas, their distinguished and immaculate Port Line colours, at one with the oceans of the world. We also sail aboard their ships through severe storms, the sort of heavy seas that rarely anyone other than seasoned seafarers will ever have experienced.

We transit the Suez and Panama Canals aboard Port Line ships, and show the ports the ships sailed to, both as they are today and as they were when Port Line was one of the world’s greatest shipping companies.

Port LineWe show the crews at work, applying more lashings of paint to ensure their ships were the smartest of all, and they were! We also show shots of engineers at work down the engine room, and the crew at play, both onboard and ashore… Remember the Crossing the Line ceremony!

It was a very sad day when Port line came to an end, but it will always be remembered by the 1000s of people who worked and sailed with its fleet of most magnificent ships. At the time they played a major part in helping to make the British Merchant Navy the biggest and best in the world.

I have my own favourite scenes of Port Line ships including shots of them in the frozen ports of North America when on the MANZ run, battling through heavy weather and wonderful footage of them sailing in and out of the ports around Australia and New Zealand… Wonderful memories!

I also greatly enjoy rare footage of the Port Sydney’s maiden voyage, and the building at Harland and Wolff’s Belfast Yards of the Port Melbourne. I guess it’s a testimony to those great ships that those two the Sydney and the Melbourne are, some fifty five years later, still in service as the rebuilt and renamed, Princess Daphne and the Princess Danae.

We at Snowbow are proud to have created this amazing moving image record of the heyday of Port Line. Now, the memory of that great name and so many of the superb ships that they operated will, thanks to these DVDs, last forever.

The following episodes in "The Great Liners" series feature Port Line Ships: Episodes 10, 11, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 and 23. Now go and spoil yourself… treat yourself to these DVDs now, for they really are quite special.

For those of you who were fortunate enough to have actually sailed on those ships, well, watching these DVDs will bring back some of the happiest days and memories of your life. And if you just love ships and nostalgia… then it really doesn’t get much better than this. Go on, we all deserve a little treat now and again.

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