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Hi Des,

Have just received Eps 36 & 37, thanks.

I was especially intrigued with the Cuthbert's voyage up the Amazon and astonished to see her ride up the river bank!!! I only wish I had the forethought to film my voyages around our coast and eventually sail overseas with NZSCo and Federal.

I often drift into the past while watching your wonderful productions and wonder, like you, whatever happened to those fabulous days, the ships and shipping companies.

Thanks again Des for a job well done. It is a pity we have no dinkum Aussie Des to produce material from around our coast. Our coastal trade used to be so vibrant and we had many well established shipping companies.

Have you a publishing date for your book "Jumping for Balloons"? I have ordered it and hope to receive it soon.

Wishing you all (at Snowbow) a happy New Year.

Dave Rothwell


Just a note to let you know that my DVDs have arrived, I have viewed one of them which bought a few tears to my eyes, how very sad those days have gone, I really enjoyed my time in the 'Merchant navy' great mates, great times, now all gone, but thank goodness for 'Snowbow' how wonderful to sit back and relive those times, thanks a million Des.

Alan Field

Hi Des,

Just received your DVD of "Voyage Up the Amazon". It brought back a lot of memories!!! I definately reccomend the whole series to anyone that was in the 'Merch' in that era!!!! Keep up the terrific work mate.

Morrie Lloyd (R627138)

Well done for producing "The Worst Journey in the World". You deserve the thanks of the entire nation for recalling the incredible heroism of these men.

Peter Oborne. Journalist and TV Presenter.

Your documentary rightfully highlights, the sailors of the Arctic Convoys endured freezing and immensely dangerous conditions to keep the supply lines with Russia open during WW11 It is an absolute outrage that, despite their terrifying ordeal, it remains the one major sea campaign of the Second World War not to have been honoured with a specific medal.

I will endeavour to bring this documentary to the attention of as many people as possible. As you rightfully note, people are hugely supportive of the Arctic Convoy veterans, and I very much believe that the public would fully support the granting of a medal if they were more award of the history of the Arctic Convoys.

Thank you for this unique contribution to the campaign for a medal for the Arctic Convoy veterans.

Caroline Dinenage MP

Shocker of a winters tale - What overripe drupe in the MOD continues to refuse the few remaining survivors of the Second World War a medal to thank them for their courage and endurance in the face of hellish conditions through they came?

This department that has frittered billions on projects for armoured patrol vehicles that so far have not seen a single product roll. There are so few Arctic survivors left that a medal would cost a few thousand . The MOD gets through that in a coffee break.

Anyone curious as to what they went through might acquire a new DVD called simply The Worst Journey in the World – the run round North Cape to Archangel and Murmansk. I had to wrap a blanket round me just to screen it. It’s by Snowbow Productions.

- Article by Frederick Forsyth, Daily Express, UK

I am writing to let you know how much I enjoyed the 3 DVDs I purchased for Christmas. Episodes 26 & 27 “The Great Port of Liverpool” Parts 1 & 2 & Episode 28 “Ships to Manchester”.

Sometimes, many times, ones mind will wonder back to relive very special days.

Sometimes, most times those moments are shared with others, but they cannot be shared visually.

Sometimes, just sometimes, there is a pleasant surprise awaiting you.

My very “pleasant surprise” arrived by mail in the form of 3 DVDs. I knew where they were from and I knew what they were about, however I was not to know that I would soon be reliving those very special days and was able to share those moments with my family and friends, both visually and audibly.

As an ex Alexandra Towing tugboat man who served on many of the tugboats and tenders in The Port of Liverpool during the 50s and 60s, I was able to see many ships that I had touched, boarded and or towed.

As well as ships, big and small, I was to see wharfs and quays, locks and gates, cranes, bridges and docks that I once visited on a regular basis. Watching them sent me back to those heady days, so much so, that I could feel the chill of winter in my bones and as I watched and listened I could smell the cargoes of timber, fruit, rubber, oil and hear the shouts of dock workers and the constant signals on ships hooters and whistles.

It is a credit to you and your company that you have managed to capture a moment in time that was fundamentally important in the forever changing fortunes of these two great cities.

As the narrator says “Was it all a dream?” The answer my friend has to be NO! However if you want to relive that dream or dare visit those very special moments in history, whether you are a lover of ships or not, I highly commend the Snowbow Collection to you.

- Tony O’hanlon, Australia